Strengthen Your Fashion Sense

Strengthen Your Fashion Sense

How To Plan Christmas With A Cowboy Theme

Vicky Ellis

Are you the type of family that focuses on a different theme each Christmas? If so, you have probably had some wonderful adventures as you decorated and planned the festivities as you focused on different kinds of Christmases. If you are planning to use a cowboy theme this Christmas, you're in for a lot of fun.

Christmas Cards - Sending out cards is a great way to begin the season. Have you ever thought of making your own? Consider finding a picture of a longhorn that you can put onto card stock paper. With colorful felt tip markers, simply draw ornaments hanging from the bull's horns. Or, you could also give the bull a cowboy hat. Another idea is to make cards with a cowboy Santa on the front of the card and the greeting, Merry Christmas, Y'all!

Home Decor - This part might be the most fun of all! Instead of hanging traditional Christmas stockings on the fireplace, think about making cowboy boots out of felt. They're simple to make if you follow a simple pattern. One way to do them is to trace the boot onto brown felt that has been doubled. After cutting the pattern out, sew around it with red yarn, and top each stocking with a red cuff or a cuff with a cow hide print on it. Another idea is to find any old cowboy boots and hats you can get your hands on and fill them with artificial poinsettias and sparkly ornaments. Anywhere you can put garland made out of Texas stars would add a great cowboy touch, too. For example, it would be fun to put it around your Christmas tree, from top to bottom. Cowboy ornaments and a big Texas star at the top of the tree would be the frosting-on-the-cake.

Christmas Gifts - Since you're having a cowboy Christmas, what better gifts could you give than cowboy boots? They'll be great for the guys and gals on your list, and even little kids. In fact, if you have little girls on your Christmas list, think of getting them pink cowboy boots. You can even order cowboy boots online, such as at Of course, you'll need to find out what shoe size each person wears so you can order the same size boots. However, if the boots are not a comfortable fit, they can easily be exchanged for the right size. Be sure to order the boots in plenty of time to arrive for Christmas so there won't be any disappointments. Think of buying some boot socks to accompany your gift.

As you continue planning your cowboy Christmas, think of allowing enough time for your family to have pictures taken in your cowboy hats.


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