Strengthen Your Fashion Sense

Strengthen Your Fashion Sense

Small Business Tips: Why You Should Consider Hip Company T-Shirts

Vicky Ellis

You have a small business and hope to attract younger crowds. You might be able to do this by investing in hip company tees. The following guide will help you learn how to design a shirt that might attract younger people and why you should consider it.

Do Company Tees Make A Difference?

The following are a few reasons why investing in company T-shirts might work for your small business:

  • A t-shirt may be the right choice because, as a study showed, around 95 percent of people will wear a T-shirt.
  • That same study showed that at least 89 percent of Americans will use a T-shirt at least once a week, meaning that your tees might be worn more often, especially if you sell or give them to your customers.
  • 76 percent of people who wear T-shirts have a stronger connection to the garment if they know that it was custom-made for them, which is exactly what you are giving your employees if you choose to invest in company T-shirts.
  • Having your employees wear them on a specific days or regularly will show uniformity. 
  • A company t-shirt should help spread your business locally without paying for the advertisement. 
  • Making sure all your employees have a company T-shirt should help brand your business, making it easier for customers and potential customers to remember your establishment.

You can talk to your custom T-shirt providers, as they may have other suggestions that could help you make sure your investment in company t-shirts is as efficient as possible. 

Making The Design Cool

You have to make sure that the tees you design are the kind that younger crowds might be interested in, and that means letting go of some of the things that may make your T-shirt look antiquated and accepting what young adults find trendy. 

The following are things that might make your shirt look antiquated:

  • Placing your website on the shirt
  • Stamping the tee with the company's phone number
  • Testimonials

Consider some of the following trendy ideas:

  • Consider using vintage themes, as young crowds are interested in unique and classic looks
  • Go for a simple logo design rather than a complicated one
  • You can also consider using grunge-like themes or fonts because the look implies a devil-may-care spirit

You should consider mixing some of these ideas to make your company's T-shirts, or ask some of your employees for input if you want a few more ideas. 

For more ideas about USA-made custom shirts, contact a T-shirt printing business. 


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