Strengthen Your Fashion Sense

Strengthen Your Fashion Sense

3 Creative Ways To Reuse Your Wedding Gown

Vicky Ellis

Many women spend a number of years planning their wedding celebration. Since most eyes will be on the bride during the ceremony, the wedding dress is an expense that many brides plan a hefty budget for. In fact, the average cost of a wedding gown in the United States today is $1,357.

If you are worried that this number seems high for a dress you plan to wear only once, here are some creative things you can do with your wedding dress once your "I dos" are complete.

1. Use your wedding dress to create a unique art piece.

Investing in art pieces for your new home can be costly. Fortunately, your wedding gown provides the perfect canvas for creating a unique and elegant piece of art. Framing your wedding gown gives you the opportunity to preserve the dress for the future, while still placing it on display in your home.

To ensure the best results, make sure that your dress is cleaned and pressed before folding it into the frame of your choosing. Display your personalized art piece prominently, and you will transform your expensive gown into a great piece of art.

2. Capture your playful side with a "trash-the-dress" photo session.

Most brides want their wedding photos to be elegant and sophisticated. Once your wedding is complete, you can use your gown to help you capture your more playful side in a trash-the-dress photo session. A great idea is to travel to a beach or lake with your gown, and have a professional photographer capture some captivating underwater photographs.

Be sure that you incorporate bold accessories and bring props (like a sheer scarf or some driftwood furniture). Be prepared for your wedding dress to get a little tattered and torn. The playful pictures you end up with in a trash-the-dress photo session make the damage worthwhile.

3. Transform your dress into a christening gown for your child.

Being able to incorporate your wedding gown into your child's christening gown can make this blessing garment even more special. The traditional white fabric and delicate lace or beading found on many wedding gowns can easily be converted into a beautiful christening gown when your first child is born.

If you are worried that your wedding gown might be too feminine for a boy, be sure that you incorporate pleats and a waistband to give the gown a more masculine feel. You can also consider adding a detachable skirt for a boy's gown.

Finding creative ways to reuse your wedding dress will help you get the most out of your bridal investment in the future.


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