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Strengthen Your Fashion Sense

Professionalism, Cleanliness And Pockets: Why Certain Types Of Clothing Are Worn By Medical Staff

Vicky Ellis

Many industries require uniforms of some type. Police officers and members of the military are obvious examples. Even store clerks are often required to don specific tops, name tags and a particular color of pants. Of all the uniforms, one of the most instantly recognizable are the ones medical professionals wear. While most medical facilities today only ask their staff to wear some type of scrubs, even outdated items, like the caps and white dresses once worn by all nurses, are still recognized by people young enough to have never actually seen them in use. How and why certain clothing and colors were chosen for doctors and nurses is still somewhat of a mystery.

Why Nurses Wore Caps

The hats that once identified nurses were something that were seen in nearly every hospital, clinic and nursing home at one time. Many believe they came into being because the majority of nurses originally were once also nuns. Since their religion required them to wear some type of head-covering, the cap was a less bulky option than their traditional habit.Eventually,other nurses began wearing them as well because it helped to hold back the hair and made them easy to identify. As styles changed over the decades so did the design of the hat until it ultimately was eliminated as a requirement. Whatever the original reason may be, there is a push by some to have this particular accessory return

Why Colors Mattered

Medical uniforms were once solely white. The reason for this is the same reason why white is worn by many chefs and waiting staff in restaurants; it gives the impression of cleanliness. Eventually scrubs worn by surgeons were changed to green, partially to make stains less noticeable, but also because of the glare of the white clothing under bright operating lights. Wearing green or blue scrubs today is common for surgeons because studies have shown they are less distracting than white scrubs during surgery.  

The Lab Coat

The standard white coat that many doctors once wore daily is now an optional item. Many doctors choose to wear a white coat over their street clothes while meeting with patients. It is seen by some patients as a sign of professionalism and is comforting to them. Some doctors choose to wear them to prevent getting bacteria or other contagions on their own clothing. Others use it for an even more basic purpose; it provides extra pockets for all the gear they tote around.

Most medical professionals have few restrictions on them regarding the color of the scrubs they wear, leaving them with the option to choose from numerous designs and colors. Having a large wardrobe has become easier for the average medical worker because of the affordability of many outfits. Options like purchasing discounted scrubs online make it possible to have a different color for every day of the work week. 


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