Strengthen Your Fashion Sense

Strengthen Your Fashion Sense

Five Dress Rules For Five-Star Restaurants

Vicky Ellis

Dining at a five-star restaurant is more about the aura than the food itself. While you may enjoy a steak or lobster in a number of places, having it in a beautiful atmosphere with impeccable service makes the entire experience different. Five-star restaurants call for five-star clothing and pairing the dress with the right accessories. Here are five rules for dressing at a five-star eatery. 

1. A cocktail dress is a must

One of the easiest ways to look dressed up and appropriate for a five-star restaurant is to wear an evening cocktail dress. Cocktail dresses come in a variety of styles, from sequined and flashy, to neutral and understated. A cocktail dress is the best to wear to a restaurant as it automatically makes you look well put together, no matter your body type.

2. Colorful dress or colorful shoes

For your outfit, either select a colorful dress or colorful shoes. You may choose to wear neutral entirely, but if you prefer to spice up your outfit with color, select one piece of clothing for this task. If you are wearing a red sequin dress, pick a black heel to go wth it. If you are wearing a little black cocktail dress, pair with a pair of fancy, eye-catching, blue shoes.

3. Go with an understated lip look

While a bold red look is beautiful on women, when you are dining in a five-star restaurant you will be drinking out of goblets and utilizing silverware. These can wear down any lip look. You will also be presented with linen napkins, and you do not want to have to deal with the transfer wearing your red lip down. A neutral or subtle pink lip will wear better for a nice dinner out. 

4. Select a hand clasped clutch

When you are going out for a nice dinner, you don't want to have to put a huge, clunky back on the back of your chair, nor do you want it sitting on the table top and getting in the way of the meal. Instead, pair your nice heels and cocktail wear with a handheld clutch. You can select a small, round clutch or go for a long, thin envelope clutch. These will provide plenty of space for the necessities but not take away from the nicety of the table. 

5. Dust off your good jewels

If you have fancy jewelry that you feel would be out of place in your regular casual wear, now is the time to break them out. Put in your double strand of pearls or wear your sapphire earrings and medallion. Dressing for a five-star restaurant can help you enjoy those typically forgotten, fancy pieces. Contact a clothing store, such as Danza Vita, for more ideas. 


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