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Strengthen Your Fashion Sense

Business Owners: 3 Ways To Support Your Child's Youth Motocross Team

Vicky Ellis

Youth motocross is an exciting sport that features exciting races, great events, and a fun way for your child to thrive in the world of dirt bikes. As a parent of a child in motocross, it's natural to want to support your child in every way possible. If you own a business, then you can take advantage of this opportunity by sponsoring your child's motocross league. Motocross teams often need money to help pay for equipment, parts, and general maintenance for the dirt bikes. There are three different ways you can support the team and help make a difference.

Custom Motocross Apparel

Truly make your child's motocross team look like an official team by sponsoring their various pieces of apparel. By purchasing custom jerseys, pants, or boots, you can select specific color schemes and team designs. These designs can feature your business name and logo as a main focal point. If your brand has specific colors, then you can use this color scheme as part of the uniform design. It's a great way to supply the apparel while promoting your business. You can order the gear for your child and other members on the team so everyone is in matching uniforms. Look to Justified - Threads & Lifestyle or other online motocross apparel stores for details.

Team Name Sponsorship

A number of motocross teams have names that are based off of sponsors. By sponsoring your child's team, your business name can be used as the official team name. For example, if you own a pizza restaurant, then the team could be known as Team Johnny's Pizzeria. As a part of this sponsorship, you may have to donate a set amount of funds for each season. This amount can be based on needs for tournament fees, supplies, and other gear budgets that the team has. Not only can this help give your business exposure, but all of the money you donate to the team can be written off on your taxes.

Tournament Hosting

Aside from individual teams, you can use your business ownership to sponsor a whole motocross tournament. For example, you could sponsor and host the "Lincoln RV Supply Motocross Rally Race." The tournament name would have your business in the title. As a sponsor, you could contribute towards track fees, prizes, and extras at the tournament like food and drinks. Not only could your business logo be used throughout the whole event, but it will give your child another opportunity to race competitively. Near the start of a motocross season, you should contact league organizers to see what type of tournaments or events are available for sponsorship.

Once you start the sponsorship, it can become an annual tradition that makes a big difference in your child's league.


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