Strengthen Your Fashion Sense

Strengthen Your Fashion Sense

Tips For Making The Right-Sized Purchase When Clothes Shopping Online

Vicky Ellis

Being able to buy clothes online is convenient and fun -- you get to see a lot of designs and colors that you wouldn't normally find in physical stores. But it can also be a bit complicated, as you can't try the clothes on before you buy them. Constantly returning clothes that don't fit can get tiresome after a while. Women's clothing sizes are not really standardized -- different brands can vary widely from each other -- but there are ways to order clothing so that you have a better chance of getting just the right size the first time around.

Use the Store's Own Sizing Guide

Maybe you find that you use a particular size for most clothing, and that's a good place to start. Yet it might not be the best tactic for the store you're browsing online because each store will have its own sizing charts. The clothing you see on that website will be constructed to match that chart and not the sizing used by other companies. Before you start looking at clothing, go to the sizing chart section and find out what this company considered to be your right size.  

Check the Length

One measurement that's generally not included in the sizing chart is length. You'll often see that as a separate measurement in individual clothing listings because length varies by fashion, rather than by actual body size. What that means is, you could have two shirts with the same general size, but one is waist-length and one is a tunic that falls below your hips. You don't want to buy a shirt that seems to be the right size in terms of sleeve length and bust circumference only to find that it lands awkwardly around your midsection.

Check the Washing Requirements and Material First

So many fabrics now are thankfully pre-washed to get any shrinkage out of the way, but not all are. And many are pre-washed once -- but they can shrink more depending on how you wash them and on what material they're made of. Even if what you're buying is prewashed, always check the washing instructions and try to follow them. It's very common to get clothing that fits out of the package and that then mysteriously shrinks in the wash, necessitating an exchange for a larger size. Checking and following the washing instructions can help prevent that. And if your laundry tactic is to throw everything in one load and hope for the best, you'll see that there are some pieces of clothing to either avoid or to buy in a larger size from the start.

Have a great time shopping online -- you'll find some fantastic fashions. By checking out all of the above items, you can make it easier than ever to find fun clothing. For more information, contact Simple Addiction or a similar company.


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