Strengthen Your Fashion Sense

Strengthen Your Fashion Sense

4 Urban Fashion Trends Men Need to Rock This Winter

Vicky Ellis

Urban clothing is one of the most popular fashion options for teens and young men. Inspiration for urban clothing typically comes from popular hip hop stars who have taken to building fashion empires as they release fresh beats. If you're ready to try out some of these street-ready fashions, here are a few must-have pieces to get you started.

1. Sweat Pants

The days when sweat pants were only for the gym or lounging around the house are a thing of the past. Now sweat pants are a popular choice of casual wear suitable for multiple occasions. Gray is the color of choice for many fans of urban wear.

Thanks to the neutral color, gray sweat pants are a warm, casual option that belongs in your urban-inspired wardrobe. Consider them a staple piece that you can easily dress up or down. Pair them with a t-shirt and sneakers for a casual look, or opt for boots and a blazer when you need a dressier outfit.

When you are readier to branch out, it is important to know that sweat pants (also known as joggers) come in a number of different prints and hues. Plaid is one alternative that is still relatively simple to wear with your existing wardrobe.

2. Graphic Tees

Tees that feature bold, bright graphics belong on your wardrobe. Not only do they pair well with a number of pieces, such as joggers and jeans, but they are an inexpensive way to spruce up your wardrobe.

Some popular urban tees boast graphics from hit movies, TV shows, or songs. Others have recognizable logos from some of fashion's top brands.

3. Flashy Jewelry

If you want accessorize your outfit, a long chain is a simple way to do so. Though gold chains with flashy pendants are labeled as somewhat of a staple in the urban fashion world, this is not your only option. Some prefer to wear a chain of wooden beads for a more subdued look.

However, if you feel like flashier is better, you can choose a chain and pendant covered in imitation gem stones.

4. Sportswear

Sportswear, such as jerseys and team hats, are prevalent among those who prefer urban-inspired fashion. Though some the sportswear of popular teams is usually the trendier option, select sportswear that represents your favorite team to put your own spin on this trend.

Don't feel like you have to limit your sportswear to mainstream sports, like basketball and football. Soccer and hockey jerseys are becoming increasingly popular as fashionable sportswear. Check out a store that sells top quality urban clothing, like Premier VII, for more options.


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