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Strengthen Your Fashion Sense

Is Your Workday Making Your Varicose Veins Worse? Tips To Help Improve The Situation

Vicky Ellis

If you have varicose veins and sit at a desk all day in your office, then your workday may be making your varicose veins worse. While it isn't reasonable for you to stop working to protect your veins, there are many things you can do to prevent future problems with varicose veins, including each of these tips:

Tip: Wear Appropriate Clothing and Shoes

Caring for your varicose veins starts when you get dressed for work in the morning. For example, wearing high heels is known to make varicose veins worse, so when you are starting your day, skip the heels and choose a pair of flat, comfortable shoes instead. 

In addition to wearing lower heels, you should also wear a pair of stockings that provides compression for your legs. Compression hosiery for venous disorders is widely available and is helpful for people who sit for long stretches of time at work. You can contact companies like Sal-Liz for more information.

Tip: Avoid Sitting for Long Periods of Time

Even if you have to be present at your desk at all times to answer the phone or greet customers, you should avoid sitting for long periods of time without a break. Make a habit of standing to greet visitors, or standing up while you are talking on the phone. 

Tip: Elevate Your Legs and Don't Sit with Them Crossed

During the times you must be sitting at your desk, make sure you do so without crossing your legs. Crossing your legs will make your varicose veins worse, and can also lead to hip or knee pain. When you are sitting at your desk, sit with your feet flat on the floor and with your back comfortably pressed on the back of your chair. If you are unable to do this in your current office chair, then you should speak to your manager about a more ergonomic chair.

Tip: Get Some Exercise on Your Lunch Break

Finally, one of the best ways to prevent the formation of more varicose veins is to get regular exercise. Since you are busy working and taking care of your family, exercise may be one of those things that have fallen by the wayside in your daily routine. For a simple solution, start walking around the block, or in a park, on your lunch break at work. It is not necessary to do high-cardio workouts to get your blood moving and keep the veins in your legs a whole lot healthier.


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