Strengthen Your Fashion Sense

Strengthen Your Fashion Sense

Are You Headed For A Camping Trip This Summer?

Vicky Ellis

Is this the summer that you're going to go with friends on a camping trip? Perhaps you're going camping with your family, and maybe you're having a camp-out reunion with your extended family members. Whatever the situation, from planning special events at the campsite to shopping at a military surplus store, here are some ideas that might help you as you plan for this summer's camping adventure.

Plan Special Events - Even if you haven't been camping before, you more than likely have a pretty good idea of what people do on camping trips. Even if you're an old hand at planning events at camp, consider changes things up a bit to add some interest and a lot of fun to your camping adventure. For example, you're probably already planning a hike, right? 

Instead of just traipsing through the woods, consider planning a scavenger hunt where each person has to find specific things in nature. Another idea is to have a special evening by a campfire. Consider, for example, having each person add to a story that you begin yourself. Give each person only one or two minutes to add to the plot and see where the story takes you.

Plan What You'll Take - Head for a military surplus store before you shop anywhere else. Not only will you find a great variety of things you'll need at camp, but you're more than likely to find the items at a great price. For example, think of buying flashlights for each of the people who will be attending your camping event. 

Another idea is to buy matching camouflage shirts for your immediate family members or even for your friends. Again, they're probably going to be priced in a way that will allow you to do that. Do you need a tent? You'll probably find a great assortment of them right at the military surplus store. Consider buying an extra tent that can be used to store things like food containers, fishing gear and other items that you won't be using that often. 

While you're at the military surplus store, look at the food items that the store might carry. You might find things like granola bars, energy bars, and even bottled water. Think of buying an extra large ice chest at the military surplus store, too. Make a list before you shop, but be on the lookout for items that you didn't realize would be found at a military surplus store, too.

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