Strengthen Your Fashion Sense

Strengthen Your Fashion Sense

Caring For Your Nice Work Pants

Vicky Ellis

Dress pants, such as Circle S dress pants, can be one of the most important parts of your work clothing. However, these garments can also sustain some of the most intense wear and tear of any of your work clothes. To keep these pants from appearing to become excessively worn, there are some basic care steps that should always be followed. Otherwise, you may find yourself needing to prematurely replace these garments.

Follow Proper Technique When Washing The Dress Pants

Washing your work pants is the most basic care that these garments will require. Unfortunately, improperly washing these pants can cause them to become faded and frayed. When washing your work pants, using cold water can help to limit the amount of fading that may occur to these pants. Furthermore, you can turn the pants inside out to protect the exterior against fraying. Lastly, it is important to avoid overloading the washing machine when cleaning your work clothes. This mistake can compromise the effectiveness of the cleaning process while also increasing the risk of the fabric suffering damage due to getting tangled with other garments. The drying process can be another major source of damage to the pants. Using the lowest setting may take longer to dry your pants, but it can limit this type of wear and tear.

Treat Stains And Spills As Quickly As Possible

Whether it is from food, ink, or other pigment-rich substances, there are many spills that can quickly ruin the color of your work pants. When these spills occur during your workday, you may assume that it will be impossible to clean your work pants before the stain sets into the fabric. Using stain treatment kits can help to prevent the stains from soaking into the fibers. These kits are often in the form of gel pens that will allow you to quickly and discretely treat the stain so that your pants can be saved.

Keep Extra Buttons Available

Loose or missing buttons can be one of the more common problems that individuals have with their pants. The stress and strain that the buttons will experience may cause them to loosen or completely fall off. Luckily, replacing buttons is one of the simplest repairs that you can make to your garments. Spare buttons, a simple sewing kit with a few needles and a roll of dark thread will be all that is needed for this task. After attaching the button to the pants, you should thoroughly test it before attempting to wear the pants for an entire day.


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