Strengthen Your Fashion Sense

Strengthen Your Fashion Sense

Why Your Wedding Dress Needs Alterations Before Your Big Day

Vicky Ellis

The wedding dress is something that most brides obsess over and you might spend weeks, months or even years going through catalogs trying to find the perfect match. But while you can get a gown that is supposed to fit your particular measurements on paper, this might not always be the case once you have the dress in your hands. Here's why you should take your dress to a wedding dress alterations service as well as some other tips to keep in mind.

Every Dress Has Different Features That Might Not Match Up with Your Body

Sure, it looks great in the catalog and the measurements are on par with what you measured for yourself. But what about that strap over the left shoulder? What about those billowy sleeves, are they in fact too billowy? Is the neckline showing too much or not enough cleavage? How it looks in the catalog and how it actually fits onto your specific body might end up being two completely different scenarios. Sure, it fits in general because you bought the right measurements, but wedding dresses are filled with details and you need to make sure that every last feature is a perfect fit. That's what a wedding dress alternations service can do for you.

Start Discussing Alterations Far in Advance

Now that you are convinced that getting alterations to your dress is a good thing, let's talk about the timeline. Time is often at a premium leading up to your wedding day and you no doubt have a million things to plan. But do not put off getting your dress to the seamstress. These jobs take time and with the wedding dress arguably being one of the most important parts of your big day, you don't want to risk a delay or force your seamstress to perform a rush job.

Are You Losing Weight?

At the same time that you want to get the dress to an expert early, you also want to be aware of where you are in your diet process. A lot of brides try to lose weight before the big day, but losing a significant amount could throw off your final measurements when the wedding day arrives. A general rule of thumb is to schedule a fitting about 60 days before the wedding. You can then go back about two weeks before the big day to allow the seamstress to make final adjustments if you have lost more weight.

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