Strengthen Your Fashion Sense

Strengthen Your Fashion Sense

These Versatile Pieces Belong In Every Woman's Closet

Vicky Ellis

While it is always nice to have a few unique clothing items that show off your own style and personality, a good closet is built on versatile basics. If you have the right basic essentials, you can put together countless outfits without having to fill a large walk-in. The following versatile pieces belong in every woman's closet.

Black Leggings

A pair of black leggings is a must-have. Look for a comfortable pair that comes all the way past your ankle and is thick enough not to be transparent. You can dress them up with a tunic or wear them as athleisure wear with a sweatshirt — and everything in between.

A Fitted White Tee

A fitted white tee shirt is another one of those classic pieces you can dress up or down. Wear it under a blazer, or pair it with some frayed shorts for a retro look. You want a tee that's long enough to cover, but not so long it looks sloppy.

Ballet Flats

In terms of versatile footwear, ballet flats come out on top. You can wear them with a pants suit when you don't feel like wearing heels or pair them with some leggings to go to the grocery store. Nobody has ever looked out of place in ballet flats — plus they're comfortable.

Medium-Wash Jeans

A versatile pair of jeans in a medium-wash denim is another essential. Look for a pair with a mid-rise so you never look too exaggerated. Choose boot cut or skinny — whichever you prefer, and whichever seems to coordinate with more of your footwear.

A Black Cardigan

A black cardigan can turn any spring or fall outfit into a winter outfit. It's also a good layering piece if you work in an office that gets chilly or if you stain your shirt and need to quickly cover it up.

A Black Skirt

A black, knee-length skirt is a versatile choice because you can wear it with almost any top. Everything matches black! You can dress it up with a blazer or ruffled blouse, or you can pair it with a t-shirt for a more casual look. A navy blue skirt will also fit the bill if you're not a fan of black.

Load your closet up with these versatile basics, and you'll be ready to put together some incredible outfits. It's all about choosing things you can wear in several ways.

For more information about versatile women's clothing, contact a local clothing store.


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