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Bug-Repellent Clothing Can Put Your Mind At Ease When Your Family Spends Time Outdoors

Vicky Ellis

You may be concerned about mosquitoes and other bugs if you spend a lot of time outdoors in the summer. Some bugs are not only pesky, they spread diseases. You want to protect your family from bug bites as much as possible just to be safe.

You might use insecticides on exposed skin and wear long sleeves and pants, but there's another thing to consider, and that's bug-repellent clothing. Here's how bug-repellent clothing works to keep bugs away from you and your family.

The Fabric Is Treated With Insecticide

There are different brands of insect-repellent clothing, so it's a good idea to read labels so you understand what insecticide is used and how long the insecticide lasts. Permethrin is one insecticide that's used on fabrics. It's made from chrysanthemums, and it's also used in the pest control industry. It's in certain mosquito sprays too, such as the ones you use to spray clothing or your tent.

The permethrin is added to the fabric so it bonds with the fibers and lasts through many washings. The insecticide may stay effective for the life of the garment. Washing the clothing doesn't wash away the permethrin or make it less effective, and you can launder the clothing the same way you wash and dry your regular clothes.

Bug-Repellent Clothing Is Safe For All Ages

Permethrin is safe when it's bound to fabric, so it can be used even on baby clothing. When you look for insect-repellent clothing, you'll find all kinds of clothes available for every member of your family from babies up to adults. There are onesies, pants, shirts, hats, vests, socks, and arm cuffs available.

To get the best protection, you may still want to use regular mosquito repellent on areas of exposed skin when you are outdoors, especially if there are a lot of mosquitoes around.

The Clothing Has No Odor

You can't really tell you're wearing bug-repellent clothing because it has no odor. You'll only know you're wearing it when you notice mosquitoes leaving you alone. The clothing looks like any other clothing you would buy, so you can wear it anywhere.

You may also find some insect-repellent clothing has additional benefits such as UV protection, so you also get protection from the sun and sunburns. The clothing can reduce the amount of insect spray you need since the clothing acts as a barrier and you don't need the spray all over your entire body.

Bug-repellent clothing can give you peace of mind that your family is protected from bites as much as possible. Then you might feel more at ease going on camping trips or hiking with your family since you won't have to worry about mosquitoes and other bugs such as ticks, ants, and chiggers when you're wearing the treated clothing.


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